Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will consist of Lead lectures, Invited talks and oral/poster presentations on recent advances and highlighting new challenges. The three-day programme will be organized under the following sessions with a specific theme:

Session I: Genetics and Evolution

Harnessing biological diversity

Population genetics

Developmental genetics

Behavioural genetics

Session II: Breeding Climate-Smart Crops: Genetics and Genomic Approaches and Challenges

• Abiotic stress tolerance, genetics and physiology

• Epigenetics

• Ecology and adaptation

Session III: Genetics, Genomics and Human Health

• Immunogenetics- autoimmune systems

• Vaccines and diagnostics

• Genetics of biotic stresses and plant-microbe interaction

• Genetic medicines

Session IV: Genetics of Nutrition

• Biofortification

• Bioavailability

• Nutrigenomics

Session V: Methods and Techniques in Genetics

• Statistical and biometrical techniques

• New computational tools and bioinformatics

Session VI: Genomics: Advances and Achievements

• Structural genomics: the lessons learnt

• Genome editing: achievements and regulatory framework

• Gene discoveries and functional validations

• Mutagenesis and functional genomics

Session VII: New Frontiers in Accelerating Plant Breeding

• Speed and precision breeding

• Doubled haploid breeding: new perspectives

• Genomics-assisted breeding

• Transgenics: new developments

• Heterosis breeding: new approaches

Session VIII: Genetics, Genomics and Social Welfare

• Imparting genetics and genomics skills in schools

• Popularizing genetics and genomics for social good

• Gene editing, bio-safety, and ethical concern

• Protection of elite genetic resources, plant varieties and transgenic plants

• Genetics education under the new education policy